Last week, we tested sarah's tumor with four therapeutic combinations

So today, you could start treating sarah with the one that worked best.

Every cancer tumor is unique.

At Farcast, we believe the way every tumor is tested and treated must reflect the highly unique nature of cancer. Treatment that drives strong response in one patient might not work in another, resulting in ineffective therapy that wastes critical time. 

Our mission is to reveal the most effective therapeutic response using tumor-specific results from a human system unlike any other. Farcast delivers practical insights that can help clinicians, researchers, and drug developers determine their most promising course of action sooner and more efficiently than ever before. 

Relevant Samples to answer critical questions.

Raising the standard in cancer research with the power of fresh samples. The most relevant platform to ask and answer biological and clinical questions.

H&E staining of a representative breast cancer tumor fragment
(20X magnification)

See the difference a uniquely human approach can yield.

By focusing on the tumor cells within heterogeneous tumor fragments, Farcast shows the relative balance of living and dying tumor cells when exposed to various therapies.