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TruTumor Systems

Advanced biological systems to preserve native contextures in the human tumor microenvironment

Capturing the heterogeneity in tumor response and resistance

Simultaneously comparing multiple therapies for a single tumor

Generating high quality "big data" with orthogonal assays

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Farcast proprietary image 

Farcast Human Tumor Microdynamics Platform

Farcast Biosciences develops pioneering anthropic (true-to-human) biological systems, data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decipher the true complexities of human tumor dynamics. And make cancer treatment more predictive and precise.



Trusted relationships with network of global cancer centers for processing of multi-population tumor samples

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The Farcast technology platform generates high quality, multimodal data from its advanced anthropic (true-to-human) systems to truly capture the complexity of tumor response and resistance to treatments. Treatment response and resistance “big data” are mined using the platform's AI capabilities to discover biosignatures with higher predictive power compared to simplistic biomarkers. Over 24,000 human tumors have been processed by the platform in multiple solid tumor types, across multiple mechanisms and diverse population cohorts.

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Nature Comm FEB 2024:
Tumor histoculture captures the dynamic interactions between tumor and immune components in response to anti-PD1 in head and neck cancer
SITC 2023: Pre-Selection of patients who would respond to combination of chemotherapy and low dose immunotherapy using human histoculture platform

SITC 2023: Identification of effective treatment regimens for ovarian cancer using tumor histoculture platform

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