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10 Years And Counting

Our journey to understand human tumor histoculture began over a decade ago in the Boston area and we have consistently invested in learning and deciphering the complex world of human tumor microenvironments. Our AI powered platform rests on knowledge derived from processing a growing set of live human tumors (23,000  and counting).  Every encounter with a new tumor micro-environment, empowers our platform with information that moves us closer to delivering precise, personalized therapies that cancer patients deserve.

The Farcast platform consists of:

1. TruNet for networking Farcast and Cancer Care Centers to harvest, collect and transport the right set of tumor tissues to our lab

2. TruTumor for ensuring that tumor tissues are minimally perturbed, cultured and treated with different therapies leading to unique multi-dimensional data from every tumor


3. TruSign that combines datasets derived from every tumor processed with comprehensive multi-omics and clinical information to generate highly precise treatment response biosignatures

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