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May 21, 2023

Farcast announces expansion of precision oncology research hubs

PENSACOLA, FL, USA, May 21, 2023/EINPresswire/ -- Farcast, a pioneer and leader in human tumor microdynamics research, having established its labs in Bengaluru in Southern India with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma and stomach adenocarcinoma is expanding the range of cancers to include breast, lung and gyn cancers.

As Farcast expands its coverage to include additional cancer indications, it has announced that it is in discussion to open a new Northern India node. Farcast’s human Tumor Microdynamics (hTMD) platform comprises the TruTumor live human tumor preservation and culturing technology that can maintain near native fidelity in the tumor microenvironment, and the unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven TruSign capability to analyze biosignatures for a precise understanding of tumor response to existing or investigational therapeutics.

“Our efforts expand the ability of our research partners to rapidly study different tumor types in our platform. The failures during clinical development and subsequently during treatment represents an excessive burden in cancer today, not because the therapeutics don’t work but because one therapeutic or combination doesn’t work for everyone.” said Mohit Malhotra, CEO and cofounder of Farcast.

The Farcast platform enables evaluation of true tumor response in a complex human based system, when most programs currently use simplistic models such as cell lines or tumoroids or non-human ones such as murine systems. Cancers develop inside human bodies as complex ecosystems, involving a wide range of immune and other tissue components and their myriad interactions within the tumor and with the person. While genetic alterations are a part it, they are not the whole picture for malignancy initiation and progression in a human host. Accordingly when tumor microenvironments are studied from human solid tumors, they show a highly structured ecosystem containing cancer cells surrounded by diverse other components, collectively embedded in an altered matrix that hijacks the immune system of its host and creates channels of nutrition and growth. Using the true human tumor microenvironment through unique preservation, culturing, and assaying techniques to interrogate them with multiple therapeutic agents, the Farcast platform generates a wealth of data using advanced techniques such as imaging, gene-expression signatures, multiplex immuno-histochemistry, histopathology, proteomics and spatial biology. “Using only simplistic systems to study tumor response would be like flying a plane after only testing the wing or after testing it in fluid not in air.” added Mohit.

Satish Sankaran, PhD, CSO of Farcast added “Our platform generates multi-modal data for deciphering the cross talk between immune, cancer and stromal elements in living human tumor fragments. Our platform therefore is uniquely positioned to not only combine baseline signatures with early response patterns, but also to ascertain personalized treatment combinations. TruTumor has the power to determine precise outcome predictions based on functional response from each patient tumor that is more likely to mimic actual clinical outcomes.”

Since 2020 Farcast has developed programs with nearly 10 research partners in non-T cell target mediated immune-oncology mechanisms involving myeloid reprogramming, acidic tumor microenvironment, and immune-suppressive stroma.

Processing over 23,000 live human tumors makes it the only tumor microenvironment platform in the world with such data and depth of knowledge about human tumors.

For more information, contact:

Sanjay Virmani

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