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Discover What Works...5x Faster...10x Cheaper

Developing new therapies and diagnostics is risky and expensive. With our experience of processing over 22,000 live human tumors over a decade, we are well positioned to help our clients manage and reduce this risk. We work closely with surgical oncology teams, to identify and meticulously harvest live human cancer tissues. Our teams coordinate the collection of tumor tissues and matched blood from informed and consented patients


Fresh tumors are fragmented using proprietary methods to create test fragments that retain near native tumor architecture while maintaining the spatial arrangement of tumor, immune and stromal components. The culturing technique ensures that the test human tumor fragments retain functional fidelity for upto 72 hours


Studying the true tumor and immune response to various therapeutic interventions is evaluated using a wide range of assays that include Histopathology, IHC, Gene Expression signatures, Cytokine profiling, Flowcytometry and Spatial Biology assays

Test Combination Therapies

Develop combination strategy and test synergy with existing treatments

Evaluate Mechanism of Action

Gain confidence in the mechanism of your therapeutic candidate 

Discover Predictive Biomarkers

Optimal patient stratification for enhanced response rates 

Scout New Indications

Expand the range of indications of your pipeline

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