Analyze tumors in their native state ex vivo for unprecedented scientific analyses.

With Farcast, fresh human tumors cultured with matched patient blood allow the investigation of multiple therapies, including immuno-oncology therapies, that activate and recruit immune cells to the tumor.

Leverage our extensive
tissue-sourcing network.

Farcast maintains a robust tissue-sourcing network that supports the recruitment of specific tumor indications. Drawing on a diverse group of hospitals, research institutes, and foundations, Farcast is an effective and reliable partner for fast-paced immuno-oncology programs.

Explore cancer biology and promising immuno-oncology therapies like never before.

Compare therapeutic responses across multiple types of candidate programs, including bispecific antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, small molecules, and oncolytic viruses. Farcast can confirm the mechanism of action of your drug candidate in a platform that accounts for tumor heterogeneity.


Bispecific antibody


antibody drug conjugate

small molecule


car-t cells

monoclonal antibody

Maximize your chance of success with human data before the clinic.

Farcast’s platform is designed to evaluate optimized candidates on fresh human tumor fragments cultured in an ex vivo system to get actionable data before advancing to clinical trials.

Our system reflects the complexity of clinical patients to help you prioritize and refine your most promising drug candidates and combinations.